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Axis Recording Studio - Equipment List

OAxis recording studio is a purpose-built, state-of-the art 2000 square foot facility offering the best combination of digital and analogue recording. The studio features an acoustically designed control room with air conditioning, spacious live room, custom designed vocal booth as well as recreational areas to relax and re-charge.

Following is a summary of the main equipment available in the studio.


  • Pro Tools HD3 system running PT9 with multiple drives, loads of plug-ins, 3x Avid 192 a/d & d/a convertors


  • Amek 'big' - 56 inputs with 'supatrue' automation & total recall

Note: All computers and fan-assisted power supplies are situated in a machine room resulting in near total silence in the control room. Anyone who uses computers regularly will appreciate this!


Apart from hundreds of software plug-ins (including Slate, Access, Amp farm, Bomb Factory, SoundReplacer, SPL, Softube, Pultec, Auto tune, Focusrite, Waves Bundle, Lexicon, Sonnox, D-fi, API, Sansamp, SSL, H-Delay, MoogerFooger, TC, Aphex, BrunoReso, Decapitator, FilterFreak  and many others), the studio offers a large selection of hardware outboard including:


Mic Preamps/ EQs ; Neve 1073 (2 channels), Vintech X73i (6 channels), Vintech X81,  2 x API 3124 (8 channels total), Universal Audio 6176, Telefunken 672 (6 channels). Great River EQ-2NV Stereo EQ. Elysia xFilter Stereo EQ (x2)

Compressor/ Limiters; SSL G384 stereo buss compressor, Tubetech CL1B, Thermionic Culture Phoenix (stereo valve), Purple MC77, Universal Audio 6176, 4 x Empirical Labs  Distressors (2 w.Brit Mod),  Tegeler Crème, AudioScape 76A compressor, Slate Pro Audio Dragon, dbx 160x,  

Reverbs/Delays; Eventide H3000 multi fx,  Fender 63 Valve Reverb, Yamaha SPX90 mk2, Bel BD80 Delay,, Strymon Big Sky(x2), Mobius and Timeline(x2)


There are many other outboard units including 3 x SPL Transient Designers (4 channel vsn), Dolby 361's, Little Labs IBP phase aligners and Multi Z DIs,

, Furman and DBX Sub-Bass Enhancers, Drawmer gates, filters etc.


Monitoring / Mastering:

  • 2 Quad 520 amps feeding NS10M's and large 15" Tannoy Golds in acoustically designed enclosures. 
  • Cd-r mastering via Toast / Jam or Pioneer stand alone CD Recorder
  • Panasonic 3800 dat machine + Technics SL1200 turntable, Sony Minidisk, Denon CD players

Backline / Instruments / Keyboards / Sampling:

Axis has a great selection of instruments & amps available at no extra charge

  • Drums : Tama Starclassic 4 piece Drum kit with 24” Kick, 18” Floor Tom, 13” Rack Tom. Also Premier Kit with 26" Kick, 18" & 16" Floor Toms, 12" Rack Tom.  Selection of amazing snare drums (Tama Bell Brass 14x6.5, Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5,  Ludwig Acrolite 14x5, Pearl Chad Smith, Gretsch Catalina) .Various crashes, rides, hi hats, china cymbals
  • Guitars : Gibson Les Paul,  Fender Telecaster,  LTD EC1000 w Evertune, Fender EoB Strat with sustainer, Gibson ES125 Hollow body, Schecter Demon, Italia Rimini 12 string electric.
  • Basses : Fender Jazz (USA)  MusicMan Stingray, Warwick Corvette
  • Acoustics : Taylor 814ce, Tanglewood 12 string, Fender Gemini
  • Amp Heads :  Marshall 50W JMP (with Fortin mod), Victory VX Kraken, Peavey 6505, Marshall 100W JMP (with Fortin mod),  Kemper Profiler Rack, Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb DRRI, Fender Tweed Deluxe, Carlsbro Stingray. Neural DSP Soldano, Nolly and Gojira software amps.
  • Cabs : Mesa Oversized 4x12, Orange PPC 4x12,  Marshall AHW 4x12,  Marshall 1960B 4x12,  Marshall 2x12 open back (2 of),  Fender Bassman vintage 4x12
  • Combos :  JMI Vox, Roland JC-120
  • Bass Gear : Bugera 1960 head. Ampeg SVT 8x10 Cab.
  • Keyboards : Nord Electro 2, Alesis QS8, Korg Microkorg. Behringer Model D and Deepmind 12, Emu Proteus 2000, Novation Nova, Korg M3R, Yamaha TG55 + Kurzweil Micro Piano sound modules. Akai S5000 sampler with full upgrades. Keyboard sub mixer.
  • Guitar/Bass Effects : Strymon Big Sky, Timeline and Mobius, Darkglass X Ultra, Electro Harmonix Big Muff(2 of) and Micro Pog. Fulltone OCD, Catalinbread SFT, Frost Giant A o R Fuzz, Spaceman Sputnik 3 Fuzz, Stone Deaf PDF 1X Fuzz, Ibanez TS9(2 of), Boss GE7 EQ, BD-2 Blues Driver, ODB-3 Bass Overdrive(2of), LS2 Line Selector(3 of), TU3 tuner(3 of), NS2 noise suppressor(3 of), D*A*M Sonic Titan, Zvex Fuzz Factory clone, Klon Centaur clone, Treble Boosters, Proco RAT, Sansamp RBI, Sansamp Classic , MXR Carbon Copy delay, Poly blue octave, Dynacomp, Digitech Whammy, Freqout, Drop, Vox Tonelab LE, Korg AX100G Multi FX, . Ibanez,Vox and Dunlop Wahs, Dunlop Bass Wah, Morley Power Fuzz Wah, EBS Bass IQ, Splitters, Mooer Radar (2 of), ,Countryman DI boxes etc etc


A comprehensive selection of  over 60 quality mics for all situations including:

  • Large Condensers : Neumann U87Ai (2 of), Neumann U47FET, Lauten Atlantis (2 of)  
  • Small Condensers : Neumann KM84 (2 of), Neumann KMS105, AKG 451EB (2 of) Oktava MK219 (modded) (2 of)
  • Ribbon Mics : Royer R121, Coles 4038 (2 of)
  • Dynamic Mics :Sennheiser 421(4 of)  + MD431 + E604(6 of) + E902. Shure SM7B + SM57(4 of) + 545 (7 of) + SM58, Electrovoice 635(2 of) + 664(2 of), Beyer M201, Audix i5 + d6,  Altec 633A + 632C 
  • Other : NS10 Sub Mic, Beyer TG D58c (6 of), Shure SM91, SM90 + 520DX, Electrovoice 950 Cardax vintage crystal mic, PZM mics

And the rest:

Kitchen, Lounge with LED TV, Playstation 3, DVD player and free Wifi facilities plus free pool table!

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